LARX.architecture in St. Moritz Switzerland - Works


Talvo Pontresina 02107
barn conversion Pontresina architecture
Villa 02109
private home villa architecture St Moritz Engadin
Villa 02206
private home villa architecture St Moritz Engadin
Villa 02204
private home villa architecture St Moritz Engadin
College Campus 02303
college campus Sulgen architecture
mountain spa Val Lumnezia Graubünden
Mountain Spa 02209
Villa 02302
private home villa architecture St Moritz Engadin
Villa 02204
Villa 02112
Facade Concept 02010
Jazz Club 02210
Research Center 02102
Villa 02008
Villa 02106

During the past 20 years altogether we contributed to over 100 projects.
If you would like to know more about our references of recent projects or past experience, please contact us.

A selection of our recent work

  • Vocational College Campus

    in Sulgen, Thurgau Switzerland
    a new technical training center
    shortlisted competition entry

  • Conversion of a Historically Protected Barn

    into a single-family home in Pontresina, Switzerland
    design and complete execution planning, building permit modification

  • Renovation of Hotel Mulin in Pontresina, Switzerland

    lobby, restaurant and entrance area
    scope: consulting, execution plans of core and shell

  • Private Villa in Samedan, Switzerland

    design optimization and complete architectural planning of the facade and interior

  • Conversion of a Historic Listed Hotel in Pontresina, Switzerland

    into a single-family home
    scope: consulting, supporting tender and execution phase

  • Val Lumnezia Mountain Spa, Switzerland

    international competition for a mountain spa in Graubünden
    Jury: David Chipperfield, Dara Huang and others
    3rd Honorable Mention

  • Private Villa in Suvretta St. Moritz, Switzerland

    concept study

  • Multi-family Chalet in Pontresina, Switzerland

    1'300 m2
    design optimization

  • Single-family Home in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

    design optimization pre building permit

  • Two Private Villas

    290 and 320 m2
    in Szombathely, Hungary on adjoining plots
    concept and preliminary design

  • 20-unit Aparthotel Complex in Graubünden

    concept study

  • Small-intervention Remodeling of an Apartment in St. Moritz, Switzerland


  • various visualization and consulting works


Our past experience

Highlights and selected works from our work list include the following:

    project architect at Küchel Architects St. Moritz
  • private villa in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    1'400 m2
    construction completed in 2020
    scope: concept, project management, complete design and planning process from concept to execution planning, managing execution phase

  • private villa in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    1'600 m2
    scope: concept and building permit plans

  • Kulm Country Club in St. Moritz, Switzerland - design by Foster + Partners

    construction completed in 2017
    scope: project coordination and execution planning

  • private villa in St. Moritz Suvretta, Switzerland

    850 m2
    construction completed in 2015
    scope: building permit modification, complete execution planning, managing execution phase
    interior design Christian Liaigre

  • private villa in Ascona, Switzerland

    1'400 m2
    construction completed in 2015
    scope: project coordination, concept optimization, complete execution planning

  • private villa in St. Moritz Suvretta, Switzerland

    3'600 m2
    construction completed in 2013
    scope: execution planning
    in collaboration with interior designer Jacques Garcia

    in collaboration with ZDA Budapest
  • Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, Performing Arts Facility in Shenzhen, China

    42'000 m2, including concert hall holding 1'400 seats and a multifunctional theater holding 350 seats.
    construction completed in 2014
    local architect: CCDI China
    scope: preliminary studies, urban concept, design coordination, entrance hall, part of building permit and design development

  • private villa in Budapest II., Hungary

    1'200 m2
    scope: concept, building permit and execution planning

  • Concert Hall and Cultural Center St. Petersburg, Russia

    scope: concept, preliminary plans and feasibility study

    architect at Atelier Tamás Nagy DLA
  • Pilgrim Centre, Mátraverebély-Szentkút Hungary

    construction completed in 2015
    overall concept 2008
    Pilgrim`s house extension, building permit plans 2009
    Pilgrim Center, building permit plans, 2009
    Basilica and Monastery extension, building permit plans, 2010

  • Insula Lutherana building complex, Pápa Hungary

    landmark church, historic school, new school, community center, library
    building permit plans 2009

  • 1956 Memorial at Gesztenyéskert, Budapest Hungary

    concept and execution plans 2010

  • private house, Pannonhalma Hungary

    preliminary design 2008

  • Waldorf Primary and High School extension, Budapest Hungary

    building permit plans 2008

  • Wine Hotel Malatinszky, Siklós-Villány Hungary

    building permit plans 2007

  • Roman Catholic Church, Gödöllő Hungary

    furniture design
    completed in 2007

  • MOME University Atelier and Studio House, Budapest Hungary

    preliminary design 2006

    in collaboration with Tamás Karácsony DLA
  • converting a baroque house into a museum in Paks, Hungary

    construction completed in 2012
    scope: building permit plans

  • remodeling a secession style private villa in Esztergom, Hungary

    construction completed in 2008
    scope: building permit and execution plans

  • 63-unit apartment complex in Esztergom, Hungary

    6'500 m2
    construction completed in 2009
    scope: preliminary studies, building permit and execution plans