LARX.ARCHITECTURE in St. Moritz Switzerland - Services


LARX is an award-winning family-owned company specialized in the design of high-end residential and public buildings. We provide a wide range of architectural solutions that cover the whole design process from concept to building permit acquisition, realization, and completion. We believe that a well-balanced and enduring design is attainable by blending aesthetic sensitivity with technical expertise. Our passion for quality and meticulous attention to detail leads to sustainability and positively affects the built environment. Our approach revolves around comprehending our clients' requirements, valuing the built heritage, and creating innovative solutions.

We enjoy developing environments that seek everlasting classical elegance and simplicity within modern settings. Our design highlights consistency and a disctinctive balance to accommodate human everyday life. Behind the unpretentious simplicity that appears at first sight lies intricate high-quality architecture that narrates a unique story.


Our architectural plans are supported by sketches, 3D models using Building Information Modeling (BIM), and visualizations throughout the entire process, from the initial concept to the detailed execution planning. We steer and supervise the whole planning process for you. Our services are available worldwide.

  • Designing

    We deliver customized architectural solutions that are perfectly tailored to the individual needs and preferences of our clients. Superior quality in time and budget.

  • Consulting

    We provide expert guidance and professional advice to help with decision-making related to architecture.

  • Planning

    Transforming your dreams into reality, whether it involves obtaining building permits or the most detailed planning for execution.

  • Your local architect

    We provide support for implementing designs of others.

  • Project development

    We organize, supervise and coordinate the entire process.

  • Why Choose Us

  • Personalized Attention

    Our small and dedicated team ensures your project receives the individualized focus it deserves, avoiding the bureaucracy and personnel problems often encountered in larger firms.

  • Client-Centric Approach

    We understand that your dreams are unique, and we take the time to thoroughly comprehend your aspirations, translating them into captivating designs that resonate with your vision.

  • Efficiency and Excellence

    We deliver top-notch plans quicker than you'd think possible. Our clients receive exceptional results within designated timelines.

  • Creative Synthesis

    We architects blend creativity and precision seamlessly, resulting in designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, reflecting a harmonious balance between art and architecture.

  • Collaborative Partnership

    With us, you're not just a client – you're a valued collaborator. We engage in open and continuous communication, keeping you involved every step of the way.

  • Emphasis on Sustainability

    Beyond beauty, we prioritize sustainability. Our designs incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials, contributing to a greener future without compromising on elegance.