is an architect based in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
His passion is solving problems through unique ideas that translate into compelling design
— from concept to realization.



Need profesional advice before buying a plot? Lacking support on architecture-related decisions? Would you like to test new concepts? Have some ideas but not ready for a long-term commitment yet?
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Always using the latest digital technologies including 3D planning or BIM, you will be involved in the whole creative process. What you see is what you get, from the first idea to detail planning.
Realizing your dreams with great enthusiasm, doing the actual work. From building permit to execution planning with emphasis on professionalism. Optimizing details to perfection.
Nothing beats experience!
Your local architect
Let's work together! Whether it is a case study, preparing building permit or execution planning, you benefit from the long-time personal experience in creating value in one of the most unique areas in Switzerland.
Project development
Architecture is like jazz. Jam sessions over and over again, playing together with strangers. One thing is common: we speak the same language. Let LARX do the work for you while you free up resources for other tasks.
Visualizing your ideas
3D models and renderings are not the goal but an instrument to help understand each other in all the design phases. Use it as a planning tool or to help communicating your ideas. LARX creates detailed virtual models, as well as sketch-like to realistic images.


LARX is a young company founded by László whose life has been committed to architecture for more than 20 years.

He has always been passionate about architecture and found pleasure in logical thinking, the process of creation, the beauty of structures, as well as effectively using the latest digital technologies. He is a visionary thinker who greatly contributed to several large-scale, international projects from residental developments to cultural art facilities.

He was born in Hungary. Prior to 2011 he had been studying and working in Budapest and also attended the San Diego State University in California. He obtained a Master of Sciences Degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he completed a rigorous honors program in public building design. Being involved in various projects in China, his international journey in architecture began.

In 2011 he moved to Switzerland, and after finding employment in St. Moritz he quickly became a project architect. As a trusted and goal-driven employee he managed and successfully delivered complex projects. He also had the opportunity to work together with renowned international firms like Foster+Partners, Christian Liaigre or Jacques Garcia.

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All of these projects have been developed in 3D during the whole planning process. Each one of them is a result of teamwork. Please mind the actual role descriptions. Highlights and selected works from the CV of László Rózsás include the following:

    in collaboration with Tamás Karácsony DLA
  • converting a baroque house into a museum in Paks, Hungary

    construction completed in 2012
    role: building permit plans

  • remodeling a secession style private villa in Esztergom, Hungary

    construction completed in 2008
    role: building permit and execution plans

  • 63-unit apartment complex in Esztergom, Hungary

    6'500 m2
    construction completed in 2009
    role: preliminary studies, building permit and execution plans

    in collaboration with ZDA Budapest
  • Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, Performing Arts Facility in Shenzhen, China

    42'000 m2, including concert hall holding 1'400 seats and a multifunctional theater holding 350 seats.
    construction completed in 2014
    local architect: CCDI China
    role: preliminary studies, urban concept, design coordination, entrance hall, part of building permit and design development

  • private villa in Budapest II., Hungary

    1'200 m2
    role: concept, building permit and execution planning

  • Concert Hall and Cultural Center St. Petersburg, Russia

    role: concept, preliminary plans and feasibility study

    project architect at Küchel Architects St. Moritz
  • private villa in St. Moritz Suvretta, Switzerland

    3'600 m2
    construction completed in 2013
    role: part of execution planning
    in collaboration with interior designer Jacques Garcia

  • private villa in Ascona, Switzerland

    1'400 m2
    construction completed in 2015
    role: project coordination, concept optimization, complete execution planning

  • private villa in St. Moritz Suvretta, Switzerland

    850 m2
    construction completed in 2015
    role: building permit modification, complete execution planning, managing execution phase
    interior design Christian Liaigre

  • Kulm Country Club in St. Moritz, Switzerland - design by Foster + Partners

    construction completed in 2017
    role: project coordination and execution planning

  • private villa in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    1'400 m2
    construction completed in 2020
    role: concept, project management, complete design and planning process from concept to execution planning, managing execution phase

  • private villa in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    1'600 m2
    role: concept and building permit plans

    in 2020
    he founded LARX architecture LLC.

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